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These long months of convalescence and forced inactivity have led me to spend a lot of time thinking. Remembering my Little Sun and all the chaos following his death, I thought of how our life would be different today if he had lived and how our relationships with others would be unrecognisable. The taboo of baby loss combined with the silence that follows such a death is yet another ordeal for bereaved parents. Very often, relatives and friends don’t know how to react, what to say or how to truly help.
I remember how difficult it was for others to communicate with us after the death of our little boy, how hurtful the silence of some people was but how much the kindness and love of our close friends (and also of strangers from the Web) mattered to us. Some of the silent ones told me much later that they’d thought about us a lot, but after having written dozens of drafts, they still weren’t able to find the right words. In the end, they chose to send nothing for fear of saying the wrong thing or the meaninglessness of their words in the face of our pain.

I therefore wanted to do something to avoid these kinds of « misunderstandings », something to break the silence and to help relatives and friends share their feelings and keep in touch with the bereaved parents. This is how I came up with the idea to create empathy cards that are easy for loved ones to send when they might not dare to reach out otherwise.
The purpose of this project isn’t to make this shop into a job or even a lucrative activity but rather to be one more helpful resource for relatives, friends and bereaved parents.
The goal of these cards is to offer simple, meaningful messages (along with resonant illustrations and colors to warm the soul) that can reach the saddened parents and express the feelings of friends and relatives. My idea is to connect parents, friends and relatives through warm and sincere words, to show empathy and attention to others and their pain but also to have the courage to tell them that we haven’t forgetten their child or children.
If you know bereaved parents and want to show them real support but don’t know how to say it, these cards can help you express how you feel.

I designed them for baby loss but some can be used for other painful situations and therefore to help someone in your life who is struggling. There is a thank-you card for the parents (and others) for whom it’s sometimes difficult to find the words or even the energy to respond. All of the empathy cards are in French and English and, obviously, they are also intended for LGBTQ families. Cards without messages, my modest creations, are also available in the Drawings category. Finally, there are different notebooks that can make it easier for parents and others to express themselves by writing, drawing, pressing flowers or including any other art which can be sent along with a card.

You will find all these products in the shop, ici eT Là, on RedBubble, a marketplace for artists which handles the entire sales process, from the order to the customer service. This means that I have no control over the sale price, delivery and special offers.
Come visit the shop, discover the items and order, you could bring a smile to somebody who really needs it and spread a little more empathy and love through this world that so painfully lacks it.
New cards will be added over time based on inspiration, my spare time and/or your suggestions.
The button ici eT Là at the top right takes you directly to the shop.
Feel free to share, comment and make suggestions on RedBubble, Facebook or Twitter!
I deeply hope these empathy cards will bring, in their own small way, a bit of help and comfort to all the people affected by baby loss as well as to those going through difficult times.

A million thanks on behalf of bereaved parents and the memory of their beloved star-child or children ❤ and huge and infinite thanks to those who, with their wise advice and involvement, also allowed this project to be born. They know who they are. You rock,girls! 👍
More than thanks also and much love to my wife, Honey, who has tirelessly helped me a LOT for months and still does. I am so grateful, I love you a LOT ❤
My little sun-boy, my muse, my spiritual guide, my perfect love, you’ll find yourself, ici et là, (here and there). I love you beyond everything…

Une réflexion au sujet de « Signs of you, here and there »

  1. Silly Rose

    Je suis très émue. Je suis très émue par ton travail, ton propos, ton idée. Je trouve magnifique que cela rencontre un écho plus vaste via cette boutique en ligne. J’ai aussi l’impression qu’il y a un message encore plus profond, encore plus touchant à la portée encore plus étendue qui peut émaner de cette initiative …bouleversante.
    Je suis très émue de savoir encore et encore que tu as Honey dans ta vie. C est si important que quelqu’un comme toi, un gros coeur palpitant depuis toujours, ayant traversé rébellion; injustices; passions; fiertés; défis; colère; chagrins….trouve le repos, le soutien et beaucoup d’amour auprès d’une personne qui te correspond et te comprend.
    Je vais de ce pas contempler tes beaux dessins.
    Je t’ embrasse 😚


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