Your help for a hope, our dream.

Our family 3 years and a half ago

Our family 3 years and a half ago

Today this post is a bit special because I am asking you for help, you, everyone, whether simple visitor on this blog or friend in real life. I’m not very at ease with this subject, maybe because of pride, probably because of shyness, certainly because of humility, but we have to face the obvious, we won’t financially be able to keep on our fight to have another child without your help.
Since our son died 3 and half years ago and after several IUIs in Belgium, as many FETs in Spain (which resulted in 2 miscarriages) and now an upcoming hysteroscopy in Greece, our funds are very low.
After Honey’s last miscarriage, we decided to go to a « desperate cases » clinic in Athens, Greece. We are still looking for answers and above all our dream, and this clinic is well-known for its specialist, a woman who consistently looks for and finds solutions and answers for unexplained infertility problems. Exactly what we needed !
We went to Athens soon to meet this goddess of hope, as grand as Helios and Zeus !
Honey will had a panel of blood tests searching for things that weren’t already explored and a hysteroscopy to fix whatever is needed (and possible).
During this sugery, endometrial scratches were done to increase the chance that future transfered embryos will stick and hatch.

We  used a special donor program that allowed us to freeze embryos for future transfers (transfers which are also included in the price of the program.) This program is the most cost-effective solution but also the most expensive at the beginning, even if the price is a very good deal and includes any future FETs (there would then only the round trip and lodging to pay for other transfers.)


We decided to do the embryos transfers without waiting for the fundraising period to end. With the endometrial microcuts from the hysteroscopy increasing our chances, we prefered to do it while there were more chances of success. So I got up the courage, at the age of 46, to ask my parents for a loan which we will reimburse once the fundraising has ended and in the following months if there isn’t enough. It was a kind of cash advance that would allow us to not spend a whole summer waiting anxiously, and also to not have any regrets or doubts when the conditions were ideal.

Unfortunately, our last transfers didn’t work so we now have to reimburse that loan before trying any other further attempts.

So here we are, it’s not in any way mandatory, of course, but if you can afford to help us, even if it’s just a tiny bit, it will be deeply and sincerely appreciated and every cent that we get will be put towards to the fulfilment of our most fervent dream, to have another child….but living one this time.

To donate to our fund, you just have to click on the link below.

Donations can only be made by card (secured payment 3D Secure by Carte Bleue, Visa, Mastercard) and are accepted from most of the countries, euro zone, non euro zone, USA, Canada, Australia etc.

If you don’t have a 3D Secure credit card, you can use Paypal, all the infos are on the fundraisng page under Update.
If you want more infomation or details, you can send me an email at,
I will be very happy to answer !


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